I host Off The Record and the Noise Creators podcast. Here’s info on them –

I host a podcast for Noise Creators, where I mostly interview the best producers in music today and get to know their creative processes. I am lucky enough to talk to a lot of people who are really talented and make music I like. Some of my favorite episodes are below:

Aaron Marsh

Alan Douches

Stuart Richardson

Casey Bates

Sam Pura

Off The Record  is an interview-based podcast where I interview the smartest people I know on creativity, the music business and punk. Aside from politics and food those are the only things I’m really interested in. We used to be hosted on the Idobi radio network and I used to host it with Zack Zarrillo. Some of my favorite episodes are below:

Along with some contributors we did a HUGE deep dive on the truth behind van robberies.

I interviewed the editors of The Hard Times.

I talked to Frank Turner about creativity. 

I tried to save the music business by creating a better streaming music service.

We did a bunch of episodes on the lies around streaming music. 1. 2.

We dissected the commonalities in our favorite albums.