1267967_10152238036463662_482830822_oModern Vinyl did an amazing profile on me that talks about my career as well as Processing Creativity.

Hypebot says if you had to go with just one book on the DIY Music Business, Get More Fans would be it. 

TapeOp did a fantastic interview with me on the changing music business.

I was kindly named one of the most influential people in NJ music.

CNN covered my prank of disgraced former NYC Mayor Rudolph Guilliani. 

The New York Times interviewed me about riding Mopeds.

Newsweek talked to me about how Spotify affects DIY artists.

Vox talked to me about Spotify playlists and the death of artist and fan relationships

Engadget talked to me about how musicians need to embrace YouTube. 

NJ’s The Star Ledger did a cool profile on me, it was even in the print edition. They later talked to me about the NJ hardcore scene.

The Guardian covered my podcast The New Abnormal

Mediaite covered me embarrassing former disgraced mayor of NYC Rudy Guilliani 

New York Magazine covered my work with Molly Jong-Fast on Fast Politics. 

36 Vultures did an awesome profile of what I have been doing in 2016. 

The Hard Times did a profile on how I helped build The Defend Pop Punk Movement

Heritage Radio Network has me teach a young punk band how to promote themselves on The Mike & Judy Show.

Listen to me discuss the modern ways of making records on the Absolute Punk Podcast. 

photo (11)iTunes featured Off The Record as a new New & Noteworthy podcast! 

At SXSW 2014 I was lucky enough to do a very cool panel with some smart people.

I was featured in Billboard’s write-up on the launch of Party Smasher Inc.

My favorite local blog, Free Williamsburg did a great interview with me.

Vice talked to be about Bandcamp. 

Punks And Recs did an amazing write up on The Noise Creators Podcast

The great music business blog, Think Like A Label, gave Get More Fans an amazing review. 

Stuff You Will Hate did an awesome podcast with me. 

Casual Friday, asked us some great questions that made for a great interview.

Listen to an interview I did with Mark Weber of WXPV.

I did a cool AMA on Reddit.

Listen to me on The Creative Live Podcast.

I was a guest on the Bridge The Atlantic podcast.

Property of Zack did a great article on what went into writing Get More Fans. 

I did a great interview with Business Battery Pack on both the record studio business and promoting your music.

Live From The Barrage is an awesome podcast that has some of the most hilarious commentary you will hear. They had me on as a guest and you can listen to it here.

CreativeLive’s Blog did a great profile on me and Noise Creators.

Infectious Magazine did a great interview with me on the music business and the new book.

I did a long talk on creative processes with the ETTH podcast.

Indie, Bikes And Beers asked me a few great questions. 

Kill The Music did a discussion of my career.