What I’m Doing Now

Mixing & Mastering Records – I am always looking to take on new mixing and mastering projects.

Podcast Production – I produce the hit podcasts The New Abnormal for The Daily Beast which regularly appears in the top 100 podcasts on all of Apple Podcasts as well as other top podcasts like Fever Dreams & The Last Laugh. I produce Don’t Let This Flop for Rolling Stone which covers online culture.

Audio Documentaries – I am presently developing a handful of audio documentaries for various artists in podcast form. If you would like to check out one, see this amazing podcast I made with the band Foxing and my series Inside The Album I made with Atlantic Records or the one I created for Vagrant Records.

YouTube Channel – I am presently developing a YouTube channel that focuses on the ideas musicians should know based on my two books Processing Creativity & Get More Fans focusing on dissecting the ideas behind building a great music project.

AudioBook and Podcast Production – I regularly produce and develop audiobooks and podcasts for others. Some recent work I am particularly proud of include Sympathy For The Drummer & The PMA Effect. I produce the hit podcast The New Abnormal, which regularly appears in the top ten podcasts on all of Apple Podcasts.

Management/ Label Services – I presently represent a bunch of legacy artists and perform management and label services for them.

Consulting –  I regularly make marketing campaigns and strategies for music artists looking for unique ideas on how to make their music stand out from others.